Jackman adds Fiberglass & Carbon Fiber Spinners to his Lawn Mower!

Epoxy and fiberglass are no longer just for boats! Paul Jackman, from Jackman Works, brings his woodworking and epoxy skills, ingenious editing skills, and now rapping skills to this week’s fun and TotalBoat filled video as he “pimps his lawn mower ride” with carbon fiber and fiberglass spinning rims!

By no surprise to us, the “Pallet King” himself, Paul Jackman, uses recycled pallets to create the forms for the rims on his lawnmower that he will be wetting out with epoxy and fiberglass. He created some samples of fiberglass and carbon fiber first to decide on the color. His top choices ended up being black carbon fiber, orange dyed carbon fiber and silver dyed fiberglass.

Jackman lays out the carbon fiber and fiberglass clothes, cutting them to size with electric cutting scissors for an easy and precise cut. Next, he dispenses the High Performance Epoxy from his handy Metering Pump. For the orange, he tints the epoxy with our Orange Pigment Dispersion. And for the silver, he uses a pigment from our TotalTint Mixol Kit. He wets out each of the sets with layers of cloth and epoxy, and once cured, cuts them to the shape of his lawn mower rims. He attaches the spinning rims to the hardware using our Thixo Pro Thickened Epoxy. After cured, sprays each rim with Halcyon Marine Varnish for the ultimate durability and UV protection before attaching it to the lawn mower tires.

And just like that, Jackman’s lawn mower has been pimped out with spinning rims! Stay tuned to the end of the video for a surprise rap video featuring the pimped out mower and a special guest appearance from our Canadian woodworking friend, Pat Lap! Thanks Jackman for another hilarious project. And, thank you all for watching – ENJOY!

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