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We know you can tackle any project, and we love to help make it happen. Rolling up your sleeves and doing it by hand is always worth it, but it isn’t always easy – we're the friend in your corner helping to make it easier. You can count on us for inspiration, help along the way, and being there to celebrate a job well done.

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How it All Began

Totalboat's Story

Born from experience

Born from experience

Mike Mills built his first boat at eight years old, with his dad. He learned early that putting in hard work paid off – but wondered if the work had to be THAT hard. He continued to build & repair boats and surfboards while he went on to receive All American honors in sailing, and to claim the 505 World Champion title as a young adult.

He saw firsthand that having the right products for the job gave you an edge (and that marine products hadn’t changed much since he was eight).

Anchored in Marine Heritage

Anchored in Marine Heritage

Mike went on to work for (and later run) Jamestown Distributors – a New England-based leader in the marine industry. He worked in the store, picked and packed orders, and worked in the call center, where he spoke to thousands of customers about their projects and the products they were using.

An idea was born. He knew that he could serve his customers better with a new line of marine products – one that offered support and inspiration, while innovating to offer better products at a fair price.


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