Building the TotalBoat Work Skiff with Tips from A Shipwright

Louis Sauzedde has been building wooden boats for longer than he can remember. So when he and filmmaker Halsey Fulton approached us to help them make a series on building the ultimate work skiff using TotalBoat adhesives, paints and primers, we knew we had a winning combination.  In this series, Lou and his apprentice go over the steps for building a work skiff that is sweet to look at, affordable and dependable for years to come whether you’re using the skiff for a family boat or as a hard working skiff, as it was intended.

With over 20 episodes planned, Lou teaches us his time-tested skiff building process step-by-step, and offers you tips and wisdom from his years of boat building expertise. He loves explaining details about how to find the best wood for each part, which tools to use and how to maintain them, and his famous “tips” on cool shortcuts and workarounds for getting the boat to be ship shape. At the end, it is our hope that you will be motivated and educated enough to build your own work skiff in your garage, shop or driveway.

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I want to build your work skiff above. I live in Hailey idaho. My lumber yard mills lodgepole pine, douglas fir and spruce. Which of these woods should I use? Thank you in advance for your help.
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Craig Hill

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