Building the TotalBoat Sport Dory Episode 19: Q&A With Lou

It’s Q&A time! Tune in to Episode 19 to get answers to many of the pressing questions being asked of Louis Sauzedde and his unconventional Dory build. Some unusual boat building is leaving many of you wondering how he plans to bring it all together, and if some of Lou’s unique methods will work out as Lou planned.
With one layer of carbon fiber already sandwiched into the bottom layers, Lou is already looking to the next layer for his bottom: a carbon and kevlar weave that he is sure will help resist abrasion on the bottom. Lots of these methods are unusual to many of you, but to Lou, who has experience with “plastic” framing and is comfortable with the process, it’s old hat.

If you’re out of sync with the TotalBoat Sport Dory series, you can catch up here by binge-watching the whole playlist. And be sure to leave your questions, comments or concerns in the comments below. Lou will address as many as possible in his next Q&A.

Thanks for watching!

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