Bottom Paint Makeover with Sailing Catalpa

Ahoy, fellow adventurers! Meet Sailing Catalpa: a family of 4, who bought a 44 ft Ferro Cement Wilf O'Kell sailboat in 2014, and packed up their lives in Australia to chase their dreams and sail the world.  They hope to inspire others to follow their dreams as they document their journey on their YouTube channel, Sailing CatalpaThis week, join them as they embark on a transformative journey to prepare and paint the bottom of their sailboat with Spartan Antifouling Paint

In this captivating episode, the focus is squarely on the hull of Catalpa as the crew prepares it for some fresh costs of Spartan Multi-Season Antifouling Paint. With the meticulous attention to detail that defines their seafaring adventures, they dive into the essential task of sanding the previous coat of TotalProtect Epoxy Barrier Coat Primer, in preparation for the first coat of Spartan. 

As the family prepares the hull, their passion for sailing and dedication to their craft shine through. From the initial wipe-down with Dewaxer and Surface Prep Solvent to the meticulous application of TotalBoat Spartan, every step is executed with precision and care. As the family works in unison rolling on the paint, Catalpa's hull is transformed, its once-worn surface rejuvenated and ready to take on the challenges of the open sea.

But beyond the technicalities of bottom painting, what truly sets this episode apart is the sense of teamwork and shared purpose among the entire family. Each member brings their unique energy and enthusiasm to the task at hand. Together, they embody the spirit of adventure and the joy of working towards a common goal.

As Catalpa's hull gleams with a fresh coat of blue paint, the crew stands on the brink of a new chapter in their seafaring journey. With the promise of adventure beckoning from the horizon, they are ready to set sail once more, their vessel a testament to the timeless allure of the ocean and the enduring spirit of exploration.

So, fellow adventurers, as we bid farewell to this episode of Sailing Catalpa, let us be inspired by their unwavering dedication and passion for the sea. Whether we're seasoned sailors or aspiring adventurers, may we always remember the transformative power of setting sail and the boundless possibilities that await on the open water.

 Be sure to follow Sailing Catalpa on YouTube, as well as Instagram as they document their adventures and show what it’s like for a family living aboard a sailboat.

Until next time, fair winds and following seas!


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