A Bottom Paint Adventure with Waterlust

Meet Patrick, from YouTube Channel, Waterlust.  Patrick purchased a 2006 Catboat to create lasting memories with his family and friends, along with testing the swimwear and activewear they sell at Waterlust.  In today’s featured video, we are treated to a captivating journey as Patrick tackles the bottom painting with JD Select Bottom Paint. From exploration to execution, Patrick's novice approach to bottom painting is both informative and inspiring.

In the video, Patrick shares his excitement for the project, highlighting that while he's been around bottom painting his whole life, this is his first time taking on the task solo. The boat, acquired used, was in great condition overall, but the bottom paint needed some attention. With a blend of determination and curiosity, Patrick dives into the process, eager to share every step with his audience.

One of the standout features of this project is Patrick's choice of paint: TotalBoat JD Select Water-Based Bottom Paint. This more environmentally responsible option appealed to Patrick, aligning with his ethos of mindful boating. The ease of cleanup with soap and water, along with the brand’s commitment to reducing environmental impact, made it a natural choice for this restoration endeavor.

As Patrick assesses the existing bottom paint and plans his approach, viewers get a glimpse into the meticulous preparation required for such a task. From sanding to surface prep, Patrick ensures every detail is attended to before applying the new paint. His partnership with TotalBoat proves invaluable as he seeks guidance and supplies for the project, demonstrating the importance of leveraging expertise when venturing into unfamiliar territory.

Throughout the video, Patrick's dedication to safety shines through. From donning protective gear to implementing redundant safety measures, he prioritizes responsible practices, setting an example for aspiring DIY enthusiasts. His attention to detail and commitment to doing the job right serve as a reminder of the importance of thorough preparation in any undertaking.

As the project progresses, Patrick's enthusiasm is palpable. With each coat of paint applied, the transformation of the catboat becomes more apparent. The red hue of the JD Select Bottom Paint breathes new life into the vessel, complementing its classic design. And with the final touches completed, including the painting of the rudder, Patrick prepares to return the boat to its natural habitat: the water.

The video concludes with a triumphant moment as Patrick enjoys the freshly painted catboat out on the water, a testament to his hard work and dedication. As he enjoys the fruits of his labor, cruising along the serene waters, viewers are left with a sense of satisfaction and inspiration. Patrick's journey serves as a reminder that with the right tools, knowledge, and mindset, any project is within reach.

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I enjoyed the video however I was also hoping to see how and when the jack areas were painted. Also what about painting a centerboard?

Harry Louis Chaikin

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