A River Paddle for Xyla’s Canoe

Xyla came to visit us in Narwhal Labs earlier this summer, bringing with her this beautiful river paddle she made with an epoxy river running through the blade. She jokes that it wouldn’t hold up to actual paddling, but as you’ll see in this video it’s a well-built, practical tool that is a work of art. This project was a bit of a challenge but is now a beautiful success. Xyla used an old log and some High-Performance Epoxy with her own eye shadow for tinting. She shaped and crafted the paddle using both power and hand tools, applying a good amount of experience and insight from her years of paddling Vermont rivers and lakes with her aunt and uncle. Check out today’s video of the week with Xyla, and then make sure you’ve watched her cedar strip canoe build video. And, if you want to see something totally wild, Xyla is attempting to build a clear fiberglass kayak over on her Instagram account. Of course, we had to help her try that out, too! We feel like this young lady can accomplish almost anything she sets her mind to. Enjoy!

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