How to Do Bent Lamination with Epoxy Resin on Wood

How to Do Bent Lamination Using Epoxy

If you’ve attempted to bend wood then you know it’s an art and skill that takes some practice, or at least some knowledge of what works and what doesn’t.  Steam bending is a common boatbuilding technique and one which takes some practice and some tools you might not have on hand. Bending wood around a jig with clamps and hold-fasts is an easy way to accomplish a gentle bend in planks or boards, and using epoxy to join the wooden pieces ensures a strong bond that can be glued together while bending – something that can’t be done with wood that is wet from steaming.  Woodworker James Wright gives us great insight into how to succeed with bent lamination, (bending and laminating wood), for furniture, boats, or any project!


Below is a great how-to video and below that is a LIVE version of James Wright bending the wood,  which is a bonus for anyone who might have one of these projects on the horizon!


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  1. Hi – Don’t get me wrong . . . I think the content was good . . . but doing it live is just painfully slow. This video should have been 15 min long.

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