Restoring Vela - Episode 10: Applying TotalBoat Envy 2-Part Varnish

Restoring Vela – Episode 10: Applying TotalBoat Envy 2-Part Varnish

With the joinery mostly done and installed, Vela is ready for multiple coats of varnish on her beautiful brightwork, and lots of paint. Using Envy 2-Part varnish, Brendan and the team are able to apply 8 coats of varnish over just 2 days which gets Vela back to the paint booth at Itchiban Yacht Painters down the street that much faster. Once at Itchiban, Vela becomes a yacht again, with a bright new cockpit and decks painted in Bristol Beige. Her topsides are treated to about 5 coats of Awcraft 2000 in Sea Foam Green and as you’ll see in this latest episode, when Vela emerges from the paint shed, she looks like a brand new boat that will be turning heads up and down the northeastern coast.

Watch the whole series and see the amazing transformation of this 1965 Graves Constellation that went from a beautiful but tired older fiberglass hull, to a totally transformed and solid classic beauty. Old hulls can get new life breathed into them and become gems again – all it takes it “some” money, plenty of time and the right team.  Vela will soon sail again and we will take you out for a sail on this newly restored beauty!

9 responses to “Restoring Vela – Episode 10: Applying TotalBoat Envy 2-Part Varnish

  1. It’s probably inappropriate to ask, but seeing the incredible result, I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering, what it cost to perform a restoration of this magnitude. Nice work!

    1. That is a question even we don’t know the answer to, and as you mention – we won’t be asking. It wasn’t cheap! But Vela will be the belle of the ball!

  2. My dad was foreman at Allied Boat Company many years ago. If that’s a glass hull, why not gel-coat v/s paint? They castes hulls up to 43.’

  3. Another boat that would be an amazing candidate for this type of work would be the Bluenose Sloop. We see one racing in our Interclub JAM(Whitesail) series. A much smaller but beautiful classic boat. The Bluenose and Constellation show that they were heavily inspired by wooden boats.
    That color is amazing, great choice.
    What a series, many thanks.

  4. Why is cost such a secret?? Are people embarrassed by what they have to pay for a top quality restoration? I see this in the car world all the time as well. Its nice to know for people who might consider this kind of restoration…unless if the situation is if you need to ask you can’t afford it.

  5. I like to know what the cost is before signing on the bottom line. If I wanted it done, i”ll pay. so what’s the problem with telling us some figures. We may want to join in…
    Art from SML

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