Boat Soap All Purpose Cleaner

Boat Soap All Purpose Cleaner


Multi-purpose, concentrated marine cleaning solution safe enough for dishes and hands, strong enough to clean dirty sails, decks, heads, and hulls. Leaves a sparkling, film-free surface. Use in warm or cold, fresh or salt water. 100% biodegradable.

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  • Safe, non-caustic, all-purpose, biodegradable marine cleaner
  • Works in warm or cold, fresh or salt water
  • Minimal sudsing
  • Perfect for sails, life preservers, inflatables, upholstery, decks, hulls, lavatories, and galley areas
  • Safe for water-repelling coatings on convertible tops and dodgers
  • Will not harm delicate natural or synthetic fibers
  • Size: 32 fl. oz.

An all-in-one cleaner for everyday life at sea

Nobody likes a mess aboard their boat. However, many common household or even marine-specific cleaners contain chlorine or other harsh chemicals that can damage, dry out, or strip protective finishes from surfaces. TotalBoat Boat Soap is a gentle, but powerful cleaner useful anywhere on and around your boat. Its environmentally safe formula is strong enough for bird droppings and scum, but mild enough to effectively clean delicate Dacron and nylon sails, dishes, and even your hands.


  • Application: Sponge, brush, mop, or high-pressure hose
  • Use: 1 cap of Boat Soap per gallon of water

TotalBoat Boat Soap SDS

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