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5:1 Epoxy Resin


Our traditional 5:1 marine epoxy resin bonds with fiberglass, other composite fabrics, wood, and metals, curing to a high-strength solid suitable for coating, bonding, laminating, fairing, and reinforcing. 100% compatible with other 5 to 1 epoxy systems.

Note: 5:1 Resin is also available in a 55 gallon drum. Please contact us for pricing.

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  • Use this versatile marine-grade epoxy resin with TotalBoat hardeners to complete a number of boat building, repair, and restoration projects
  • Bonds with fiberglass, reinforcement fabrics, wood, etched aluminum, and bare steel and lead
  • Its viscosity is preferred for ease of wetting out fiberglass and other fabrics
  • Makes a strong filleting or fairing compound or adhesive when combined with various thickening agents
  • Excellent thin-film characteristics provide smooth flow-out and self-leveling ideal for coating and laminating
  • Easily sanded and shaped once cured
  • Easy to measure and mix using pre-calibrated 5:1 Epoxy Pumps (sold separately), or by weight or volume
  • Compatibility: TotalBoat 5:1 Epoxy Resin can be used interchangeably with other traditional 5:1 marine epoxy systems
  • Sizes: Size A 30 oz. (Quart), Size B 127 oz. (Gallon), Size C 4.46 Gallons
  • Important: Resin group sizes correspond to sizes of TotalBoat Fast, Slow, Tropical (extra slow), and Crystal Clear Hardeners. Resin ONLY, hardeners must be purchased separately. Kits containing resin and hardener are also available.
  • Note: 5:1 resin is also available in a 55 gallon drum, along with corresponding 10.4 gallon sizes of Fast & Slow hardeners. Please contact us for pricing.

Developed by boaters for boaters, to provide great value and great results

We’ve used our years of experience to make the TotalBoat 5:1 system of marine-grade epoxy resin, hardeners, and fillers as DIY-friendly as possible. From the way it’s measured and mixed, to the thickening agents you can mix in to make it do what you want it to do. One pump of resin and one pump of hardener is all you need to get the proper 5:1 mix. For bigger batches, it’s just as easy to measure precise amounts by weight or by volume. No guessing that might result in unusable glop.

Get the right combination of resin, hardener, and filler for your particular project

Because it’s so strong and versatile, there are many things you can build or fix with our 5:1 marine epoxy resin. From bonding and coating, to laminating and fairing, we have a comprehensive line of hardeners and fillers to suit the job. TotalBoat 5:1 epoxy resin formula is also 100% compatible with other traditional 5:1 marine epoxy systems. Use it with other or specialty hardeners and fillers without worry.

Packaged to reduce waste and save money

TotalBoat epoxy is packaged so nothing gets wasted. For example, the Size A 5:1 Epoxy Resin and the Size A Hardener are made so when they are dispensed 5:1, the packages will empty at the same time, so there’s no wasted product. When you buy more, you can reuse your existing pumps. And because you can use TotalBoat 5:1 Epoxy Resin interchangeably with other traditional 5:1 epoxy systems, you can mix and match to use up the products you already have.


  • Mix ratio by volume: 5 parts resin to 1 part hardener
  • Application: Brush, roller, or syringe; can also be poured and spread with an epoxy spreader
  • Minimum recommended temperature (Fast Hardener): 40°F
  • Minimum recommended temperature (Slow Hardener): 60°F
  • Recommended temperature for dispensing via pump: 60-70°F
  • Pot life @ 75°F: 12 minutes (Fast Hardener); 20 minutes (Slow Hardener)
  • 5:1 Epoxy Resin Color: Clear
  • Hardener Color: TotalBoat Fast, Slow, and Tropical Hardeners (amber); TotalBoat Crystal Clear Hardener (clear)


Properties (Admixed) Fast Hardener Slow Hardener Tropical Extra Slow Hardener Crystal Clear HardenerTropical Extra Slow Epoxy Hardener
Color Clear Amber Clear Amber Clear Amber Clear
Mix Ratio by Volume (Resin:Hardener) 5:1 5:1 3:1 3:1
Mix Ratio by Weight (Resin:Hardener) 100:18 100:18 100:28 100:27
Pot Life at 75°F 12 min. 20 min. 46 min. 20 min.
Work Life at 75°F (Thin Film) 60 min. 90 min. 3-4 hrs. 3-4 hrs.
Set Time at 75°F (Thin Film) 6 hrs. 10 hrs. 20-24 hrs. 10-15 hrs.
Cure Time at 75°F (Thin Film) 1-4 days 1-4 days 4-7 days 3-5 days
Minimum Recommended Temperature 40°F 60°F 70°F 60°F
Tensile Strength 8,000 psi 7,500 psi 6,800 psi 9,500 psi
Tensile Modulus 410,000 psi 460,000 psi 390,000 psi 450,000 psi
Tensile Elongation 3.5% 4.5% 6.6% 7.8%
Flexural Strength 14,400 psi 12,000 psi 13,800 psi 14,800 psi
Flexural Modulus 460,000 psi 450,000 psi 406,000 psi 425,000 psi
Compressive Strength 11,500 psi 11,500 psi 11,900 psi 12,000 psi
Hardness, Shore D 84 83 85 88
Intended for Clear Coating Applications? NO NO NO YES


Important Safety Information

Always wear protective clothing and equipment to protect your eyes, skin, and lungs when working with TotalBoat Traditional Epoxy Resin and Hardeners. Personal protective clothing should include appropriate gloves, safety glasses or goggles, a proper respirator, and a proper apron or similar protective clothing.

TotalBoat Traditional Epoxy System Technical Data

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Which Epoxy Should I Use for My Project?

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5:1 Epoxy Resin SDS

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the epoxy resin come with a hardener?

No, hardener must be purchased separately. We recommend TotalBoat 5:1 Epoxy Kits, which contain both resin and hardener.

Do I have to mix the resin with a hardener, or can I use it by itself?

All epoxies need to be mixed with the correct hardener, at the specified mix ratio, or the resin will not cure.

Is TotalBoat resin compatible with other epoxy systems?

Traditional 5:1 resin is designed for use with either TotalBoat 5:1 Slow Hardener or TotalBoat 5:1 Fast Hardener but it is also 100% compatible with common marine 5:1 epoxy systems. Do not use with other resin systems specifying a mix ratio other than 5:1.

Can I use 5:1 epoxy over penetrating epoxy sealer?

Yes. Allow the penetrating epoxy to cure completely, wash it with mild soap and water, then dry. Rough the surface with 80-grit sandpaper and then apply the Traditional 5:1 Epoxy.

Does resin include a pump?

Purchasing any TotalBoat resin alone will not include pumps. TotalBoat Epoxy Kits normally include pumps.

How should I apply resin?

You can apply the epoxy resin with a brush, roller, or syringe. It can also be poured and spread with an epoxy spreader.

Does the epoxy dry clear or does it carry a color?

The 5:1 epoxy resin itself is clear in color. However, admixed with TotalBoat 5:1 Fast, Slow, and 3:1 Tropical hardeners will yield an amber hue, while the TotalBoat Crystal Clear Hardener will have a clear finish.

How should I properly store the resin?

Store the resin at 60-90°F in a dry place. After use, tightly reseal all containers. Store the product on a raised surface off the floor during cold weather and avoid storing near outside walls or doors.

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