Zephyr’s Sailboat Countertop Makeover

Meet Sailing Zephyr!  James and Nat are an adventurous couple from Australia who bought a sailboat to explore the amazing sites of the world while documenting their journey along the way on their YouTube Channel, Sailing Zephyr.   With no clue how to sail, this dynamic duo left their desk jobs, sold everything they had and bolted to the Caribbean to meet their new home, Zephyr, a 2010 Beneteau Oceanis 43.

In this week’s episode, Nat and James document their countertop build process for their sailboat and hit the road to visit us at the TotalBoat Headquarters here in Bristol RI, to epoxy the counters!  First, they show how they make the countertops from scratch; tracing the old ones, cutting the plywood to fit and adding the handrails.  Once the countertops were ready, they loaded them up in the car and headed to visit our social and creative teams here at TotalBoat.  It was such a pleasure to meet and work with Nat and James on this project.  With just two days to get these counters finished, and having never worked with epoxy before – the challenge was on and with the help of the team they were able to finish in no time!  

This week is just part one of the countertop build, as Nat gets to experiment with different techniques and designs for their new countertops. Megan and Kristin, from the TotalBoat team, were happy to jump in, guide them and share their tips and tricks.   Using our TableTop Epoxy and Pigment Dispersions, they test different colors and practice resin ocean wave and epoxy marbling effects on some test boards first.  While Nat and Megan are testing the epoxy, James and Kristin use Thixo Fast Thickened Epoxy Adhesive to fill in some gaps in the plywood and seal the entire inner lip to make the countertops waterproof for their sink and fridge system.  

Once the test pieces are complete and the final look has been decided, they start by sealing the entire countertops with our High Performance Epoxy with Medium Hardener to waterproof and seal the surface before applying the epoxy topcoat.  This is the end of Part 1  – so be sure to tune back in to see the finished countertops and final reveal!

Be sure to subscribe to their channel to keep up to date on their fun adventures, boat work, and the amazing sights from the places they visit. Let them know below how the countertops are coming along. And, thanks for watching! Until next time – fair winds!  

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From watching Andy at Boatworks Today and others like the above video, I will now be using Total Boat products instead of West System.
Everything from customer service to the array of different products has me sold!
Ed and KYE on S/V Kraken Cuddle.


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