2023 Summer Make-Off Challenge: Boat Building Edition


To our entire Jamestown Distributors and TotalBoat community, we are honored and excited to announce that today begins the most awaited event of the summer:

The TotalBoat Summer Make Off: Boat Building Edition!

What started as just a wild idea, has finally come to a compelling reality. The TotalBoat team has put in MANY hours of planning and prepping over the last few months, and we are so excited to announce our inaugural Summer Make-Off Challenge. We are stoked to be hosting so many incredibly talented makers here in Bristol, RI, and YOU are invited to follow along!


WHAT: Summer Make-Off Challenge

WHY: Because, according to our core values, we must always have fun.

WHO: 19 makers, consisting of many well-known and long time TotalBoat Ambassadors and YouTube personalities (all in one space)!


The Details: The product of this challenge will be a boat. There will be four teams- a total of four boats. The teams have only TWO short days to complete their boats. TotalBoat is providing the following:

Each boat will compete in a final race, and must fit at least one person. The race will take place on Sunday, July 23rd at Roger Williams University in Bristol. Scoring will be based on Fastest Race Finish and Best Boat Design. Other prizes and points may be awarded to things such as Most Swashbuckling, Most Nautical, Best Use of Foam, Most Dangerous, and so on.

Ok, now you might be wondering, who in the heck is competing? It’s time to introduce the teams…

From left to right:

Jimmy Diresta: @jimmydiresta / YouTube Channel

Keith Johnson: @kjsawdust / YouTube Channel

Derek Forestier: @derekfrommalden / YouTube Channel

Bobby Duke: @bobbydukearts / YouTube Channel

Tamara Robertson: @therealtamararoberts / YouTube Channel



From left to right:

Char Miller-King: @woodenmaven

Jonny Lambert: @jonnybuilds / YouTubeChannel

Mike Alm: @almfab / YouTube Channel

Sam Raimondi: @diyhuntress / YouTube Channel

Mike Coffey: @coffeycustombuilds / YouTube Channel



From left to right:

Keith Mitchell: @shipwrightskillsYouTube Channel

Lindsay Zuelich: @wood_brain / YouTube Channel

Erik Curtis: @encurtis / YouTube Channel

Stephanie Leigh: @uncommonoutpost

Blake McFarland: @bmsculptures / YouTube Channel



From left to right:

Xyla Foxlin: @xylafoxlinYouTube Channel

Paul Jackman: @jackman_works / YouTube Channel

Bart Komar: @komarproject / YouTube Channel

Mike Clifford: @modustrialmaker / YouTube Channel


Get ready for a thrilling competition as these talented makers from across the community showcase their skills and creativity. Tune in all weekend for real-time Lives (on our Instagram and TikTok), as we take you through the ultimate showdown where innovation meets craftsmanship!



Looked like such a fun event!


When and where is the race? I haven’t seen a time and location listed anywhere. Thank you!


That would be incredible to go see and meet some of those awesome inspirational builder. I’ll be there someday folks, well maybe!


Should be a great learning experience 👏

Thomas Ashley

Good clean fun!! Thanks Jamestown

Bill Long

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