Spooky Halloween Epoxy Resin Tea Lights

Woodturner and maker Ken Moon had some fun last week making some spooky epoxy resin tea light holders. He grabbed the TotalBoat Tea Light Holder Kit (which also can make some cute little mini planters) and used some of his own pigments, fun sparkles, and some High Performance Epoxy that he had on hand. The included molds that come with the kit are easy to use and can make an endless array of fun epoxy holders. Fill them with dirt and some tiny succulents or make up a ghoulish combination of colors and body parts (Ken used googly eyes – not real eyes…) for a fun candle holder.  The kit comes with 3 tea lights and enough MakerPoxy resin and pigments to make a bunch of the holders.  Check out Ken’s video of the week and then grab yourself a Tea Light kit and light up your Halloween with this fun epoxy project!

It’s worth mentioning that even though the epoxy should not be poured too thick, that these molds work fine with a single pour of High Performance Epoxy with Slow Hardener (like Ken used) or MakerPoxy Resin. One pour in a nice, temperate shop (about 75 degrees or cooler) is the ideal for pouring these molds.  Use the included pigments or your own combination for a fun project that can be done over and over again.  We do not include the mold release in the kit, and have found that the epoxy releases just fine without it. Let us know what you make by tagging us on social media (@totalboat) or send your project photos to us in an email. We can’t wait to see what you create! And don’t forget to go subscribe to Moonpie Creations to follow Ken and all his amazing creations. Boo!

NOTE – The Tea Light and Planter Kit will be BACK IN STOCK today!! please check back! 

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