Countdown to Launch: First Coats of Paint on Arabella’s Hull

With their launch date rapidly approaching, the Acorn to Arabella crew pulls out all the stops to ensure every aspect of the boat is ready for the big day.  In today’s featured video, we see the community come together to finish an array of projects including the first coats of Topside Primer and JD Select Antifouling Paint.

The boathouse is bustling with dedicated volunteers, as the local community rallies behind this ambitious project.  In a heartwarming gesture, a “longboarding party” is organized to get Arabella’s hull faired, sanded and ready for paint.   This collective effort highlights the spirit of community and camaraderie that has been an integral part of the Acorn to Arabella journey.  This video showcases several crucial projects that were completed to bring Arabella closer to her launch. The team focuses on important tasks such as plumbing for the water maker and building the remaining sections of the companionway hatch. These endeavors demonstrate the meticulous attention to detail required to create a seaworthy vessel. The dedication and skill exhibited by Steve and crew are truly commendable.

They also get another visit from Keith Mitchell, an experienced shipwright from Instagram and YouTube, Shipwright Skills, who returns to finish up some remaining jobs on the spars. One notable task involves using Thixo Epoxy Adhesive, to glue a shim onto the mizzen mast. This adjustment is essential to support the track designed by Robbie Doyle for the sails. And, later in the episode we get to see some of the crew visit Doyle Sails in Salem, MA where they show the process of Arabella’s sails being cut and sewn.

Up next in the vide was the last step for the hull before breaking out the paint brushes. They used a laser level to mark Arabella's water line. With that complete, the crew proceeds to mix the paint and begin priming the hull with Topside PrimerThe episode culminates in the highly anticipated painting of Arabella's hull. For the first coat of bottom paint, the team uses JD Select Antifouling Paint, using both rolling and brushing techniques.  Once Arabella arrives at the shipyard in Mattapoisett, MA, they will finish the paint for the ultimate protection and durability along with bringing Arabella's aesthetic vision to life.

With less than three weeks remaining until launch day, Steve and the entire Acorn to Arabella team demonstrate unwavering determination, passion, and skill as they put the final touches on this remarkable wooden sailboat. The latest episode captures the sense of community, the joy of accomplishment.  Be sure to subscribe to their channel now and get ready with us for her launch on June 17, 2023 at Mattapoisett's Shipyard Park in Mattapoisett, MA at 10am est. Thanks for watching! 

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