Green Energy on the Ocean Blue: Blue Isles Power Docks

When our customers have great ideas, we get like the proud parent and need to share it with you. Such is the case with Blue Isles. Blue Isles has invented “Power Docks,” which could revolutionize how we store, charge, and power our boat’s electrical systems.  The first power dock, pictured below, has been around Newport Harbor this summer and will be on call for the J Class Worlds coming in late August. The Blue Isles team specializes in drone photography, too, and will use the power dock to provide charging for their drones and aerial footage of the event in Newport.

We stopped by Newport Shipyard while the dock was out of the water, to check on their progress and to see our TotalBoat Bottom Paint, Teak Oil and Aluminum Primer in use as they applied these coatings to dock 1. The big push is right around the corner when the team and their dock will demonstrate its capacity at the Advanced Naval Technology Exercise, hosted by the Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Newport.

So while they are in development for naval and military use, they are also preparing themselves for many commercial and recreational uses, as well. and the power dock is their foray into the recreational market, that is until I order one of their Power Moorings!

For example – wifi on the water is something we have yet to hear a lot about, but BlueIsles is bringing us closer to that reality. Boaters visiting Newport this summer can now enjoy free Wi-Fi access within 300ft of Blue Isles ™ power dock platform moored south of the causeway of Goat Island. To access, Boaters can search for and connect to “BlueIslesNetwork” Wi-Fi by entering password “Powerdocks”.

Blue Isles™ are Marine Autonomous Powered Docking Platforms (MAPDs) designed and produced to serve the operational needs of marine electric propulsion vessels, Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), Surface Autonomous Vehicles (SAV), aquaculture farming and related system technologies for Defense, Commercial, and Oceanography customers worldwide.

Blue Isles™ Tech offers a full range of modular, moored, and free-floating autonomous marine platforms powered by renewable energy and designed to power equipment, store power, charge electrical equipment, and facilitate mission-critical operational functions in off-coastal marine regions.

Their Blue Isles Mooring is a brilliant idea for recreational boaters who might like to arrive back at their waiting boat with batteries fully charged and refrigerator cold from continuous charging from a solar bank.

This Sustainable Powered Mooring is capable of generating, storing, and distributing renewable energy to power moored vessels operating in the area. PowerDocks’ goal is to improve water quality and environmental conditions in marine communities by displacing the use of fossil fuel-based equipment in the aquatic space.


  • Energy Generation​:​ Solar​ /​ Wind​ / ​Wave​ /​ Tidal

  • ​​Energy Storage ​and Conversion​:​ DC / AC

  • Vehicle Charging​: ​Dockside Power Cord / Wireless

  • Battery Management System

  • ​Communication: ​Wi-Fi / Satellite

  • ​Electric Marine Propulsion

  • Autonomous Navigation

We were excited to see that the City Of Newport has adopted the first Power Dock – what town will be the first to adopt one of these brilliant systems and claim to have a green harbor?

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