Filling Screw Holes with Thickened Epoxy

Andy Miller of the Boatworks Today YouTube channel is back on board his Bertram Moppie today with some advice about how to best fill old screw holes that either need to disappear or might be better off re-drilled and reset. This tends to be a challenge that almost every boat owner will face when you replace or move a cleat or any deck hardware fastened to the boat. Every hole in a fiberglass boat is an opportunity for water to invade the core material, but filling open holes with a thickened epoxy resin before either making the holes disappear or before drilling a new hole in the same spot, ensures that any water only meets with epoxy – and that’s the end of the road for moisture. 

Andy’s “insurance policy” on these holes is small patches of 1708 fiberglass mat that he’ll soak in more 5:1 epoxy – this time unthickened – for added strength on the foredeck of his powerboat.  Andy’s simple, clear videos showing how he gets his projects done is a great resource for boat owners who need product and process advice. TotalBoat is proud to support Andy and his boat work – today and every day! Enjoy the video!

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