The Art of Boat Building: Fairing Arabella's Tender

Bob Emser from The Art of Boat Building is a seasoned boat builder with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the craft. In today’s video of the week, he shares some of his tips and techniques for fairing the hull with TotalFair Epoxy Fairing Compound.

In this season of Bob’s YouTube channel, he is focusing on his process of building a 9' dinghy, which will serve as the tender for Steve Dennete of Acorn to Arabella’s boat, Arabella.  In this week’s episode, he explains the various steps involved in fairing a hull, starting with a hand plane and moving on to long board sanding to create a smooth surface.

Once the initial sanding was done, it was time to move onto the fairing compound. Bob is using TotalFair, a lightweight 2-part marine epoxy fairing compound perfect for reshaping, filling and fairing.  He demonstrates how to apply the compound in small batches and then sand it down, once cured, to create a perfectly smooth finish.  In addition to fairing the hull, Emser also shows viewers how to shape and install the boat's keel and outer stem using our High Performance Epoxy that he thickened with Silica Thickener

Bob’s expertise and attention to detail are evident in every step of the process, and his passion for boat building is contagious. Watching him work is not only educational but also inspiring, especially for those who are new to the craft.

Overall, the episode on fairing the hull, shaping and installing the keel and outer stern is a valuable resource for anyone interested in boat building, whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out. If you're looking for guidance on how to build your own boat or simply want to learn more about the craft, be sure to check out The Art of Boat Building on YouTube. 

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