Building the TotalBoat Sport Dory – Episode 20

If you can’t make it next Saturday the 14th to our Annual Tent Sale to meet Louis Sauzedde and see the Dory in progress, then we really hope you’ll tune in to watch Lou apply a special kevlar/carbon combo weave onto the bottom of the TotalBoat Sport Dory.  Again, reaching for the TotalBoat 2:1 epoxy to wet out the stubborn kevlar cloth and the Dory bottom, Lou has confidence in his unorthodox idea that this durable fabric will help spare the dory bottom from abuse that is certain to damage the bottom after years of use.  Episode 20 takes us back to the Open Door Boatshop where you know new tips and tricks from Lou are waiting to surprise and entertain you. 

Read here for some clarification on how to properly measure using the mixing cups. Lou’s method is a bit confusing and we don’t want any of you wasting epoxy or mixing bad batches. Here’s the scoop on how to properly pour and measure – it’s easy!

  • Find the column for the 2:1 ratio
  • Uuse the SAME number in both columns.
  • So you want to go to 4 on the container –
    • fill the resin using the left column to the 4
    • and then the hardener using the RIGHT column to the 4.

Done! You can always call our Tech Help center to clarify your epoxy, mixing, and other project questions. 800-497-0010

Sorry if this caused any confusion!

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