Looming Deadlines and Major Progress with Sailing Magic Carpet

In their second-to-last video before relocating their boat to Canada, Aladino and Maya of Sailing Magic Carpet had a lot on their to-do list. Their main goals for this video were to install port holes, hatches, cockpit drains, and do some painting. The urgency stemmed from Aladino's expiring U.S. visa, which required them to move the boat within a week. So let's dive in and take a closer look at their progress!

Aladino began by working on the bulwark foam, cutting and shaping it to fit on the boat. This foam serves as protection and insulation for the hull. Once fitted, he moved on to the transom and got it glued in place. In the cockpit, significant progress was made in a relatively short time.

Maya, on the other hand, worked on various interior tasks, like the head countertop and engine cover. She discussed the challenges of moving their boat to Canada and the concerns about invasive species regulations. The concern specifically regarding untreated lumber, and more specifically, their Alaska Yellow Cedar they cut down from a friend’s yard. Therefore, getting the Alaska Yellow Cedar wood for the head countertop and engine cover glued up, coated in High Performance Epoxy and situated within the boat lessened their chances of having issues there.

Aladino focused on fairing the cabin sides and sanding the glass tape on the deck, preparing the surface for paint. They were out of TotalFair, so he used High Performance Epoxy mixed with West System 410 Filler which worked well as a stand in. He also removed the peel ply from the deck section and started adding fiberglass tape to protect the end grain of the plywood.

With their impending move, they felt the pressure to waterproof and paint the boat, especially before installing the port holes with their bronze flanges, which could make sanding a challenge.

Aladino progressed with fairing and used a high build epoxy primer for the next step to achieve a smoother surface on the cabin sides. The sanding was a tedious but necessary step to prepare for painting. Luckily, Aladino is ‘a force of nature’ according to Maya, and made tremendous progress on the cabin sides.

In addition to the interior work, Maya unveiled the beautifully finished chart table and drawers. They both marveled at how different components were coming together to create a cohesive look on the boat.

With the boat primed, they discussed their upcoming plans, which included the truck transporting the boat to Canada and their possible future travels to Europe before resuming the refit work.

Maya expressed gratitude for the support they received from viewers and patrons and acknowledged the challenges and toll that a project of this magnitude can take.

As always, their videos give viewers a detailed insight into the boat refitting process, as well as the dedication and hard work that Aladino and Maya put into their project. Despite the looming deadline of their visa expiration and the move to Canada, we see their commitment and perseverance in the face of daunting challenges. Make sure to check out their latest video and stay tuned for their next- which will be their last before the big move!

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Following this rebuild is why I will be using your products for some of my winter boat projects.

Dave Foynes

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