Lisa Duncan: Large Scale Crystal Epoxy Artist

Join us as we dive into the captivating world of resin artistry with the remarkable Lisa Duncan, affectionately known as LD Resinista! Nestled in Northeastern North Carolina, Lisa, a devoted wife and mother of two, has carved out a vibrant niche in the creative sphere with her stunning geode-inspired furniture and expansive artwork. Embarking on her resin journey six years ago, Lisa found solace and purpose in her craft following the loss of her daughter to Cystic Fibrosis in 2018. What began as a therapeutic outlet blossomed into a fervent passion, igniting her creativity and driving her to share her creations with the world.

From navigating the delicate balance between artistic integrity and client expectations to finding inspiration in the ebb and flow of life's seasons, Lisa's journey is a testament to resilience, authenticity, and the transformative power of creativity.

Please introduce yourself and provide a brief overview of your background as a maker.

My name is Lisa Duncan and I’ve been creating resin art for about 6 years. I love creating geode-inspired furniture and large artwork! I’m a 31-year-old mom and wife living in Northeastern North Carolina. Most of my followers know me as LD Resinista! I loved the thought of being a Resinista when I started working with resin. I’ve always been creative and love getting my hands into something messy! My favorite colors to work with are hot pinks and purples or neutrals. I’m either one extreme or the other when it comes to color! Either bright and colorful or neutral.


What initially inspired you to start creating and making things?

I began creating resin art after I lost my daughter in 2018. She was my life and I became very depressed after losing her to Cystic Fibrosis. She was always bright cheerful and happy despite whatever she went through! I wanted something to keep my hands busy and productive. I fell upon resin epoxy and just decided to dive right into big art pieces with crystals and lots of sparkle! Creating with resin became a healthy outlet for my depression and eventually, I decided to make things for other people. It grew into a passion and a way to ease my mind under stress. 


How would you describe your creative process? Do you have any rituals or routines that you follow?

I love creating in my home studio where I can have quiet from the world!  

Can you share a specific project or creation that you're particularly proud of?

My furniture is something I’m very proud of. I’ve found it to be unique to me. I love creating things that are useful but beautiful! 


Do you have any favorite tools or techniques you frequently use in your projects? Why do you enjoy working with them?

TotalBoat TableTop is my number one go-to! It’s so easy to work with and I’ve become so accustomed to how it flows. I feel like it’s perfect for what I do and cures beautifully! I love layering to get that depth and dimension in a piece.

Can you describe a challenging project or obstacle you've encountered during your journey as a maker? How did you overcome it?

One of my struggles as a resin artist has been trying to please each customer even when I know it’s not my style.  I used to try to create whatever the client asked but over the years I’ve learned that if it’s not my style or something I can't put all my effort into then I shouldn’t be the artist to create for them.  My style has changed and evolved over the years and I’ve gotten to know myself better. It’s helped me to know my own limits and expectations. 

Above: Custom Quartz Hearts

How do you balance your creative pursuits with other aspects of your life? Do you have any tips for maintaining a productive and fulfilling creative practice?

I am a big family person. My husband and I have a son and a daughter. When I’m not working on resin I’m busy being a mom and wife! My husband is my best friend. He helps me pick up wherever he can in creating and maintaining our family life.  I recently opened a brick and mortar in Elizabeth City NC where we teach others how to use resin and create their own masterpieces! My husband and 10-year-old daughter love helping with my classes. I am a big believer in taking family breaks and an occasional vacation to step away from pouring. Every weekend we take Saturdays together with family and friends. We worship God and believe in balance in everything! I think balance is the key to keeping yourself motivated, happy, and creative. Setting time limits for creating sometimes or making yourself only work certain days of the week helps keep that balance. I have certain days I don’t pour to keep myself balanced and not overworking.

Could you share some behind-the-scenes insights or interesting anecdotes related to your work?

I really love creating on a whim. I hate planning exactly how a piece is going to go. For me, one of my favorite things about resin art is you never know exactly how it will turn out but is always a beautiful masterpiece! I love to go into my projects with ideas and just see where they take me as I create. I love taking pigments and pastes and mixing my own color creations and blending them to create new ones. 

How do you stay inspired and motivated as a maker? Are there any sources of inspiration that you regularly turn to?

I am always inspired by the seasons and weather. My colors seem to gravitate more toward whatever the season is or how I’m feeling. When I get burnt out creating I always take a step back, take a day off with friends or try something new to break the everyday routine. My mom is one of my biggest inspirations. She’s always been supportive and encouraging throughout my journey. She has ran and owned her own business for 40 plus years teaching me different things that have brought me here.  


Above: Lisa's signature style from her Pink Collection

Are there any upcoming projects or collaborations that you're excited about and would like to share?

I’m so excited to keep teaching our resin classes in our new studio! We have had so much fun creating with other people and sharing the fun of resin epoxy. We’ve met so many amazing people and seen so much creativity! 

Can you share some advice or words of wisdom for aspiring makers/woodworkers who are just starting their creative journeys?

Always be yourself and create with passion. I always recommend creating your own style and being unique! That’s what makes you stand apart, not being afraid to be yourself! Art can be whatever you want it to be, whether it’s bright, happy, sad, moody, or dark!

Thanks to Lisa for sharing your artistic universe where every pour is infused with passion, purpose, and boundless imagination!

Be sure to follow Lisa on Instagram to stay up to date on her latest creations and classes. She also offers online courses in addition to her in-person classes. To see everything she offers, check out her site here!

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Wow. Very creative. I wish I could do that. Do you have videos walking through your process perhaps? I would like to do something like that for my granddaughter.

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