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Building the Ram’s Horn Sled with Shipwright Skills – Part 2

In part 2 of Keith Mitchell’s Rams Horn sled build, we see the sled that he started in Part 1, come to life with its beautiful curved “horns,” metal bracing, and the very considerately placed seating that allows sit-up controls that look almost comfortable. Keith has built and taken apart the sled to sand and varnish the individual pieces. He first cleverly installed a strip of kevlar tape that will protect his wooden runners from years of anticipated runs on ice and snow. He attached the kevlar tape with a thick bed of epoxy resin that bonds and protects it. Keith then uses a stain and then TotalBoat Wood Sealer and then Gleam Varnish on top which provides weatherproof protection and a killer glossy shine. Tune in for Part 2 of Keith’s epic sled build and take a spin down a Vermont road on this super sled.

Keith’s work on the sled alone is worthy of your investigation, but when you delve further into his “skills” you’ll find a talented, well learned, and experienced boatbuilder and woodworker. He blends his understanding of the ways you can manipulate wood with his interest in the outdoors. Mitchell says, “I’ve done this because I am trying to encourage you to build one like I did. This sled is comfortable and fun to ride, and fast as well. It can also be used to carry loads on the snow and ice, where the legs give it higher ground clearance and less resistance on the snow. Plus the height makes a nice bench when you stop for a rest or go ice fishing.” So go check out Keith’s epic hand-drawn cartoon that serves as a plan, get some supplies, order up your epoxy, varnish, wood and fasteners, and then get busy building. Make sure you tag both @shipwrightskills and @totalboat on your posts or let us know in the comments below.

And then let’s plan that sledding regatta Keith’s been talking about….. on your mark, get set….. GO!


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6 responses to “Building the Ram’s Horn Sled with Shipwright Skills – Part 2

    1. Hi Leo, I drew a plan in the construction comic which you can find on my website, along with a detailed blog as well. Thanks!

  1. The idea of using a lock board (SP?) is excellent. Similar to a story board for boat cabinets and and other shipwright tasks. Which I guess is your point about using shipwright skills for other projects.
    The narration is very reassuring and confidence inspiring.
    How is the Kevlar holding up? I keep thinking about OneAustralia, the America’s Cup boat with the Kevlar hull that split in half and sank in San Diego in 1995. But surely we’ve learned a lot about the material since then.
    Very enjoyable. Thank you.

    1. This also brings to mind a boat-building adage: “Boats are neither round nor square”. You’ve added sleds to that and I will offer old houses to the same category. The lock/story board takes a lot of the headache out of that dilemma.

  2. Hi Ron, I’m glad you enjoyed the videos! And you hit the nail on the head with the shipwright skills part. I love using a lofting/lock board, and hope some new prople pick up that technique as well. As for the kevlar, only time will tell. Thank you so much for watching! Should I make more videos?

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