Paul Jackman's Epoxy River Table Pallet Slide Puzzle

Jackman’s Bespoke Pallet Slide Puzzle

 epoxy river table pallet puzzle

Leave it to a few woodworkers like Paul Jackman and Jason Hibbs to take the Epoxy River Table to the next level. Of course, Jackman won’t build anything unless it’s large and made from recycled pallets, and Jason Hibbs of Bourbon Moth was just the man to taunt Paul with the creation of his bespoke epoxy river pallet. (Go watch Jason’s video about that build now). Jackman did what you would expect him to do with a beautiful pallet, he cut it into pieces and made something amazing; A profound and entertaining video, and a repurposed pallet that he has once again breathed new life into. The bespoke wooden pallet so finely crafted by Jason is now Paul Jackman’s Epoxy River Table Pallet Slide Puzzle. If you think that’s a mouthful, try building even just the first step in the process – the epoxy river table pallet. 

Enjoy another fun video from our friend, the Pallet King: Paul Jackman.

   epoxy river table pallet puzzle




4 responses to “Jackman’s Bespoke Pallet Slide Puzzle

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your humor and talent.
    This is the widest grin I’ve had since the covid virus.
    Wonderful pacing and thought, and art!

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