Fiberglass Mat
Fiberglass Mat
Fiberglass Mat

Fiberglass Mat


Long fiberglass strands laid randomly in a styrene binder. Also called CSM (chopped strand mat), non-woven fiberglass mat material is typically used for repair work and laminate build-up. Available in various lengths and three different weights.

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The lightest weight .09 oz. fiberglass mat is sold by the yard (cut yardage is not returnable); the 3/4 oz. and 1.5 oz. fiberglass mat is sold in pre-cut lengths. Use different weights of fiberglass mat to achieve various results, as indicated below.

Weight Purpose
.09 oz. (also called veil mat) Minimizes print-through on laminated surfaces. Commonly used as a finish layer.
3/4 oz. Builds thickness.
1.5 oz. Adds bulk quickly. Also great as an initial layer when bonding repair work.


Note: Fiberglass mat is not compatible with epoxy resin systems. Instead, use polyester resin systems to wet out this type of material. This is because polyester resins break down the styrene binder, allowing fibers to become completely saturated.

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