Welcome to TotalBoat Workshop Shop Night

Meet Elwood, official shop dog of the TotalBoat Workshop. Elwood oversees much of the office work, but at the end of the day – he runs to the workshop. His favorite day of the week is Wednesday, which, in the non-boating season, is SHOP NIGHT in the TB Workshop. Shop Night is a chance for employees, friends, boaters and special customers to stop by the well appointed workshop and get busy on personal projects that might need more resources than the typical home shop has available – not to mention help, advice and input from experienced co-workers and Shop Night visitors.

Shop Night projects vary and change often and we welcome both marine and non-marine endeavors and encourage thinking outside the box. Beat up old Sunfish get some bright new paint and patching. Our many different varnishes are tested on garden benches and stripped down wooden dressers. Car parts are repaired with Thixo and fiberglass and are then painted. Optimist dinghies get some fancy paint jobs and plenty of fiberglass repair…and the list goes on.

Step inside the TB Workshop in the video below and spy on the after-work fun that took place one night last winter. It’s never boring and it’s always a good time.

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