Video: Testing Varnishes on a Picnic Table

Around here we love testing products. We have the TotalBoat Workshop setup for testing all sorts of products to increase our understanding of how they work, how they work best, and how to help you use them with the best possible outcome. We test bottom paint in a scientific study with Marine Bio students from RWU and have learned so much from being involved at the top level of this kind of testing. So, when the idea was presented to build a pine picnic table and apply different varnishes, we thought it was a great opportunity to discuss the varying varnish techniques and really test out the TotalBoat varnishes up against the best selling brands.

We were curious about how the different varnishes flowed and were applied. We wanted to test rolling and tipping coats, foam brushes vs. high-end badger hair“fooler” brushes, and chip brushes. Building this picnic table not only gave us a spot to convene outside our HQ for lunches and company parties, but a chance to really work together and gain lots more knowledge on the varnishing process, tools and techniques that we hear about daily from our customers.

Alongside most of our testing is an invitation and opportunity to get customer feedback from your own experiences. We want to understand what works and what doesn’t work with you. Do you have a tried and true brand or application method that you stand by? Is there a brush you can’t live without? Is there something that is always a more challenging part of your project? Help us help you by answering our Varnish Survey and then check out the results from other customers. See how your experience compares to others. Then – let us know what you think about varnish and the job of varnishing in the comments below.

You will find the TotalBoat Varnish Test picnic table outside the front entry to our Bristol, RI retail store. Come have a look for yourself. It’s a great way to compare tints and finishes. So far all 10 finishes look great after a year outside, no overcoating and plenty of exposure to sun, snow and rain. Come see for yourself.

Thanks for watching! Happy varnishing!

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