Video of the Week: Acorn to Arabella Visits Jamestown Distributors in RI

We loved hosting Steve and Alix from Acorn to Arabella here last month. Their project is so inspiring to us and, it seemed after sharing their story with you, that it inspired you all as well! So when we tuned in to their latest episode, Chapter 20, we were thrilled to learn that they loved meeting us as much as we loved meeting them.  The excitement they have for their massive undertaking was evident as they gushed about their plans, including the imminent visit to a nearby sister ship headed to the scrap yard. Their estimated boat building timeframe of between 2 to 10 years, is not discouraging to this young team, but instead is a reminder that this one-time build it better be done right because it needs to navigate the world and eventually be their home. 

The hope, of course, is that patrons and sponsors will help them realize their dream sooner than a decade from now, as they explain in the video. JD and TotalBoat are ready to support them, because we believe in their project and we love seeing it all made on video to share with you, our customers. It was fun showing them around JD and our operations, and having them hang out at Shop Night was a great opportunity for the TB team to chat, swap sailing stories and get to know the dynamic duo.

Tune in to Chapter 20 of their ongoing series below, and take a tour with Alix and Steve around the always impressive Newport Shipyard before coming to Bristol to visit us here at JD. There is lots to see and you get to hang out with TB Visionary and JD President, Mike Mills. Really, you do! Click and watch below and let us know what you think of these ambitious boatbuilders. We can’t wait to see what they build and how they tackle their first ever boat build.

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