Turning a 1965 Mail Truck into a Mini School Bus with Statedwoods Co.

In the world of renovating and craftsmanship, there are few things as exhilarating as taking an old, forgotten relic and breathing new life into it. This is precisely what Nick from Statedwoods Co. set out to do when he purchased a 1965 Westcoaster Mailster, igniting a four-month journey of restoration, conversion, and transformation into a mini school bus.

From the moment the vintage mail truck rolled into Nick's workshop, the magnitude of the task ahead became apparent. Stripping it down to its bare bones revealed layers of rust, dirt, and remnants of its former life, but amidst the chaos, there was an unmistakable sense of excitement and anticipation for the project ahead.

Nick and Landon wasted no time in meticulously prepping the truck for its transformation. Every surface was sandblasted to clean, bare metal, ensuring a fresh canvas for the journey ahead. To protect against future corrosion, Nick applied TotalProtect Epoxy Primer, sealing the metal with a layer of protection that would stand the test of time.

As the restoration progressed, challenges emerged, but with each obstacle, they found innovative solutions. From repairing rusted floorboards to fabricating custom fiberglass patches with High Performance Epoxy, every step was a testament to their craftsmanship and dedication to the project.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the restoration was that Nick seemingly integrated many of TotalBoat’s marine products that would be used in boat restoration, for his unique project, including Thixo, Topside Primer, TotalFair Fairing CompoudWet Edge Topside Paint, and more! It really showcases the versatility of these quality products. 

As the exterior received its final coats of Wet Edge Topside Paint, attention turned to the interior, where meticulous detailing and finishing touches awaited. With precision and care, Nick and Landon transformed the once-dingy interior into a bright, inviting space, ready to welcome passengers on their journey.

But the transformation of the mail truck wasn't just about reviving a vintage vehicle; it was also about building a community. Through his work on the project, Nick introduced viewers to The Maker Collab University (TMCU), an online educational platform co-founded with Christy from Oakhillmillworks. TMCU aims to empower makers with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their craft, fostering a vibrant community of creators and innovators.

The culmination of months of hard work and dedication came when Nick unveiled the fully restored mail truck at WorkbenchCon. The reaction was nothing short of awe-inspiring, with the truck serving as a testament to the power of creativity, collaboration, and sheer determination.

In the end, Nick's journey with the vintage mail truck transcended mere restoration; it became a symbol of possibility and inspiration for makers everywhere. As he continues to share his passion for craftsmanship and community through Statedwoods Co. and TMCU, one thing is certain: the legacy of the mail truck will endure as a reminder that with vision and perseverance, anything is possible.

 Check out the full build video HERE

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