TotalTread Transforms Decks on Slow Car Fast Home’s SeaCamper

Danielle and Tommy, from Slow Car Fast Home, are the proud owners of a 1978 SeaCamper - a 24ft trailerable houseboat that they are bringing back to life with a huge renovation.  The boat has been freshly painted with Wet Edge Topside Paint, and in today's video of the week, we see Danielle and Tommy tackle the decks with TotalTread non-skid deck paint. 

The journey begins with meticulous sanding, a laborious yet essential step in the process. With each stroke of the sandpaper, Danielle ensures that every surface is smooth and pristine, laying the foundation for what's to come. Armed with TotalBoat products, they approach this task with confidence, knowing that they have the support of the TotalBoat team and reliable products.

Among the TotalBoat products they rely on is TotalTread, a non-skid deck paint that promises durability and ease of application. As they prepare to paint the deck, Danielle and Tommy marvel at the pleasant absence of strong odors; a testament to TotalTread's low-VOC formula. With a foam roller in hand, they begin applying the paint, and as the first coat dries, they're delighted to find that they did not need to tip with a brush and the paint adheres beautifully, showcasing the non-skid material embedded within.

As the painting progresses, the couple encounters challenges typical of any project. From pesky dog hair finding its way into the paint to the unpredictable weather, they navigate each obstacle with resilience and determination. And through it all, TotalTread proves to be a steadfast companion, delivering impeccable results with each coat applied.

Finally, after three coats of the non-skid paint, the transformation is complete. Tommy and Danielle stand back, admiring the newly painted deck with satisfaction. With the tape removed and the deck now ready for the next phase of their journey, they reflect on the lessons learned and the bonds forged during this transformative process.

In the world of renovation, every project is an adventure, fraught with challenges and triumphs. Tommy and Danielle's journey is no exception, but with the help of TotalBoat products, they navigate the high seas of renovation with skill and determination. As they set their sights on the horizon, eager for the next chapter of their renovation saga, one thing is certain: there's no challenge too daunting for Slow Car Fast Home to conquer.

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