TotalBoat Sport Dory: Episode 24 – Getting out the Second Binder Strake

The TotalBoat Sport Dory is looking pretty sporty with her second binder strake attached. In today’s video, Lou shows us a revolutionary solution to a problem he was having clamping the pattern and the planking onto the boat. Using an aluminum bracket that he is attaching to the sides of the molds, Lou has created a simple system for a pretty common problem in boatbuilding. His bracket invention is just another example of the sage wisdom Louis imparts onto us, which is fascinating regardless of your intention to build a boat!  

You can come see Louis, filmmaker Halsey Fulton and the TotalBoat Sport Dory at the Wooden Boat Show at Mystic Seaport next Friday, Saturday and Sunday June 22-24. The show is a wonderful display of DIY boatbuilding and restoration, and it’s a chance to meet the amazing wooden boat community and the TotalBoat team from Jamestown Distributors, as well.

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