TotalBoat Mini Boat Show – Boat Restorations and New Builds

We had our best Tent Sale ever last Saturday, thanks, in large part, to Louis Sauzedde and the TotalBoat Work Skiff. Our distinguished guests drew a record crowd AND the police stopped by, wondering what we were giving away at this end of town. You know it’s a good party when the cops come – and it was a great event with fans and shoppers who wanted deals and autographs. In addition to the awesomeness surrounding Lou and the skiff, we had a great line up of a handful of local boaters who have built and restored some amazing crafts.

Check out the pics below of our inaugural Mini Boat Show and consider bringing your own home-built boat to the show next year!

The TotalBoat team worked diligently in the aisles and under the tent along with lots of other reps to explain product specifics, bottom paint choices, varnishing tips and to give specific customer support and advice. Customers also come to this sale, of course, in search of awesome deals, and there was no shortage of those throughout the store. Now, with springtime in full bloom in the northeast, covers are off and it’s “go” time for the spring launching “to do” list. Hopefully the Tent Sale helped many of our customers get on track for launch day.

The Mini Boat Show was a big success with an assortment of boat types and a varied story of boating restorations or new builds on display. We had a completely redone Cape Dory Typhoon, a restored Dyer Glamour Girl from our photo contest winners, the Fortuccis, who trailered their boat up to the Tent Sale from Maryland to meet Lou and to share their story and obsession with boats and boat restoration. They were in good company! Bob Richardson trailered his nearly completed CLC Peeler Skiff over for the event. His skiff needs a few more coats of varnish but looks sharp already. Bob can’t wait to bloody the decks with Narragansett Bay fish guts, and it won’t be long before he and his first mate are out chasing stripers in the Bay.

And then we had the 3 gentlemen from New Bedford Yacht Club. These guys have quite a thing going as they meet weekly on Mondays for Monday Night Therapy sessions – or as we call it around here – Shop Night. It was during these Therapy Sessions that Noel, Dave and Victor work together with a larger group of friends on boat projects. This past winter and the winter prior, they helped Victor Pinheiro build “Patience,” a Ninigret 22 that turned lots of heads at the Tent Sale boat display.  Dave’s home built Runabout 16 was also impressive and inspirational to those wanting a smaller runabout for local protected waters.

We are planning a visit to their Monday Therapy Session to learn more and to spread some TotalBoat love around to the different projects. Stay tuned for a blog post on these guys. We love what they are up to and toured them around the TotalBoat Workshop to show them our own Shop Night setup.  Until then – enjoy these spring weekends and get your boat to-do list going so you can be out on the water sooner, rather than later.

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