TotalBoat & JD Supports the Community Boating Center in Providence

JD & TotalBoat have supported the efforts of the amazing Community Boating Center in Providence for many years. By contributing to their program with product, manpower and motivation, we have witnessed the positive effect the program has on all who encounter it. Kids from the City of Providence and surrounds get the opportunity to enroll in a great on-the-water program with a state-of-the-art facility and top notch instructors. The Renaissance Regatta is their annual celebration of their progress and commitment to helping kids navigate youth with positive influence and equal opportunity.

CBC Providence makes a lasting impression on these kids and makes getting out on the water a way for them to meet new friends, express themselves and their talents and discover the joys of paddling or sailing your own boat. With this opportunity comes the chance to be with peers and learn about leadership, teamwork, cooperation and lots more.

The 2016 Renaissance Regatta supports the public sailing programs run out of Community Boating Center in Providence, RI. CBC depends on support from the public and is a 501c3 meaning your donation is tax deductible. Take a ride to CBC and check out their great facilities, their fleet of boats and the smiles on kids and sailors all around the campus.

Dive into this great event and see what makes CBC so special.

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