Tool Tips from Louis Sauzedde: The Electric Planer

With the TotalBoat Sport Dory done and waiting for a nice fall day to show off her rowing prowess (next week!), Lou is back at the workbench, but this time he’s making some adjustments and showing us how it’s done on a brand new Ryobi Planer. The electric planer is a staple in Lou’s toolbox, and having it set up correctly is paramount to using it successfully. It’s a powerful tool which means things can go wrong quickly and make more work for you, instead of less. Tune in and watch Lou fine-tune this important piece of equipment in his arsenal of tools.

Next week we will finally be launching our TotalBoat Sport Dory and taking it for a row in some calm water and some lumpy water.

It’s been a long time coming and we can’t wait to see Lou out rowing his Dory. The Sport Dory will also be going on eBay with the launch of the final episode, so everyone can have a chance to own and enjoy this one of kind boat.

More info to follow here. Stay tuned!

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