Tips from A Shipwright: Lou in the Chilean Boatyards

If boatbuilding is a universal language then you can expect our friend, Louis Sauzedde, to be fluent. In this third episode from his South American visit, he’s discovered another very busy boatyard on the Chilean Coast where he delights in sharing knowledge and stories. It’s fair to say even Lou picked up some tips from the Chileans as well as sharing some of his own. From their unusual steaming methods to the way that they plank their boats, both Lou and the locals have some different methods in their processes, and both result in magnificently built wooden boats. He even gets to help glass up the local university’s small plywood sailboat that was built as part of their boatbuilding program.

Dive into today’s video and watch Lou as he delights in touring his third boatyard on his visit to Chile.

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