Third Coast Boatbuilding: Stem and Chine Logs

Talented woodworker, and now boat builder, Chris Schoenberg, is on Part 6 of his video series about building himself his dreamboat. It’s no mega yacht, but it’s mega important to get all these angles and attachments measured for the strongback, chine logs, and stem on his drift boat. The boat is built on top of these vital pieces so it’s imperative that they are a perfect fit. Chris eventually adopts the Louis Sauzedde method of steaming his chine log inside a self-built heavy poly bag that allows him to place the chine log without it drying out.

After the dry fit, Chris epoxies the chine log to the frame, using High-Performance Epoxy first, then using TotalBoat’s Thixo thickened epoxy adhesive to make quick, easy work of this messy step. It’s fun to watch a talented woodworker like Chris sort through the various challenges that boat builders are used to encountering. Enjoy today’s video!

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