Third Coast Boatbuilding: Keelson and Frame Sides

Back in the midwestern shop of Third Coast Craftsman, Chris Schoenberg, we find the talented woodworker busily measuring, squaring, and cutting timbers to use for the frame side members and the keelson. Schoenberg is building a wooden fly fishing drift boat and is permanently attaching these pieces, which makes him more nervous than any other regular glue-up he’s done a million times. Building this boat has been Chris’ dream for a long time,  and now that he’s well into the project, he can admit that It has been very difficult so far, with a LOT of head-scratching.

The hardest part is there is not a single square board or edge on the whole thing. It’s nothing but compound angles and they are all different. Chris knows that his biggest, most difficult, and most exciting project yet will soon be nothing but fun and that the reward for building his own boat will be paying him back for years to come.

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