The WoodenBoat Show 2023


Fellow boating enthusiasts, it’s that time of the year! If you're a passionate New Englander looking for the ultimate wooden boat extravaganza, mark your calendars for the highly anticipated WoodenBoat Show at the Mystic Seaport Museum in Mystic, Connecticut. This year’s show boasts a remarkable lineup of new skills demonstrations, captivating speakers, a plethora of vendors, and a stunning display of over 100 boats both on the water and on land. This summer event is a favorite of ours here at TotalBoat and we invite you to join us on this maritime adventure!

Special Exhibitors

Exciting news awaits enthusiasts of the Acorn to Arabella YouTube channel project! Acorn to Arabella, known for their captivating journey of building a 38-foot wooden sailboat, will have an exhibitor booth at this year's show. When it came to building Arabella from scratch, the team relied on several TotalBoat products throughout the journey. From using Thixo Thickened Epoxy for countless applications, Lust Marine Varnish and Danish Teak Oil on the bright work to Wet Edge Topside Paint and various bottom paints to ensure a sturdy and seaworthy vessel.

Additionally, make sure to stop by and meet Bob Emser, from the Art of Boatbuilding, who skillfully crafted "Victoria," Arabella's elegant 9' dinghy.

Arabella, the boat itself, will be there in the water after its exciting launch that took place this past weekend in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts. Acorn to Arabella has captured the hearts of many with their incredible boat building story and we have been overjoyed to be a part of their journey over the years. 


‘'I Built It Myself' Exhibit

While you're exploring the show, make sure to swing by the 'I Built It Myself' area, where craftsmanship takes center stage. Here, you can marvel at the skills of passionate boat builders from across the region. This area showcases a diverse range of self-built wooden boats, each a testament to the dedication and love for the craft. From meticulously constructed sailboats to elegant rowing boats, you'll find a treasure trove of inspiration and admiration. TotalBoat Ambassador Richard Honan has won several of the I Built It Myself competitions in previous years, so you know the competition is fierce!

Take your time to explore this exhibit and witness firsthand the remarkable talent and ingenuity of these builders. The 'I Built It Myself' section is always a crowd favorite, and you won't want to miss the chance to see these incredible creations up close! 


The WoodenBoat Show at Mystic Seaport Museum is a celebration of the rich history and artistry of wooden boatbuilding. It's a gathering of like-minded individuals who appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship that goes into creating these timeless vessels. From the stunning displays of wooden boats, the engaging skills demonstrations, and the chance to meet passionate boat builders, there's no shortage of reasons to attend this extraordinary event.

The event takes place this weekend, June 23-25, 9am-5pm.


As is so often said, ‘its the journey that counts’, and Steve and the A2A crew are to be congratulated on
living up to that standard and of course to a job well done! Bob Emser is also correct in saying – ‘if you’re going to make it, make it beautiful’. Will definitely miss the Friday UTube video presentations!

evan l. schwartz

Thanks, Total Boat, for all of your support for A2A… Seems a long time ago when I bought my first set of chisels from you in Jamestown at your storefront in 2000 in preparation for building a Haven 12 1/2.

Bill Stanard

Congratulations Steve and the “Arabella to Acorn” team. Fantastic accomplishment. I really enjoyed watching your progress on this great project.

Warren Peluso

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