The TotalBoat Work Skiff: Fitting the Breast Hook & Quarter Knees

After finding and forming the perfect timber for the breast hook of the TotalBoat Work Skiff, Lou fits it perfectly into the bow and works to do the same aft with the Quarter Knees. Join us in the Open Door Boatshop as Lou shows us how he expertly measures, cuts, fits and beds these pieces into the skiff.

Lou’s Tips From A Shipwright series is full of great insight into the mysteries of boat building and in this case, skiff building. With great tool advice and tested techniques, the skiff series offers much more than the how-tos of boat building. The “Old Man’s Method” is tried and true and the delivery from sage Louis Sauzedde is the icing on the cake.

It’s almost time to paint and oil the skiff. What color would you like to see the skiff painted? Lou will be using Wet Edge Marine Topside Paint – which comes in 20 colors – about 17 more than Lou is considering. What’s your pick? Grey, Fighting Lady Yellow, or Black? Remember, the bottom is Spartan Bottom Paint in Red!

Thanks for watching! Comment with your Wet Edge paint color vote below! We won’t promise Lou will listen, but he wants to know what you think!

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