The TotalBoat Work Skiff: Final Thoughts From Lou

Now that the dust has settled and the skiff was almost sold – yes, almost – Lou wanted to reach out to his fans and cover a few items. Namely – you can still bid on the skiff until tomorrow (Saturday 5/6) at 6:55pm ET. The last sale was foiled by an issue with the auction and the skiff was immediately relisted. So the good news is that you can still bid on the skiff, or amuse yourself watching the bidding! Lou, as he has become accustomed to doing in this series, is reaching out again to his fans to see if anyone can connect him with a new shop space. He needs some more room and a quiet spot so he can work on his next project and make more excellent videos for us all. 

Count on the next project to be another crowd pleaser with more interaction from the audience and the same, awesome wooden boat shop spirit and ambience that everyone has come to love. Comments in many of the videos indicate that you fans love the dusty shop and the rope belt and all the finely unpolished parts of Lou’s persona. And while we are not the producers of these fine Tips from a Shipwright videos, be sure that the massive video team over at Tips (that would be Lou and Halsey) is on the same page.

So here’s one more on the skiff – until it meets it’s new owner after the auction ends tomorrow. So hop over there and get in on the fun. You could be the next owner of this famous skiff. Just for fun, let’s hear some comments below on what you would name the skiff, should it become yours (theoretically, of course! use your imagination!).

And we’ll keep feeding you cool videos here every Friday until we pick back up again with Lou and the next great Tips From A Shipwright video series. Because that’s the plan – to feed your voracious video appetites with helpful videos that include tips for boat owners from the TotalBoat team and from the Tips team.

Thanks, as usual, for watching. Leave us your skiff boat name ideas below! And bookmark this playlist so you can keep watching the whole series over and over again. Thanks!

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