The Refit Restarts with Sailing Magic Carpet

In the world of sailing, the journey is as much about the restoration as it is about the adventure itself. For Aladino and Maya, the dedicated duo behind Sailing Magic Carpet, the ongoing refit of their beloved Cape George Cutter 36 is a testament to their passion for craftsmanship and their unwavering pursuit of maritime dreams.

Since our last update with Aladino and Maya, they've relocated the boat to Canada. Despite having plenty left to do, they took some time away from the refit project to enjoy a final sail on their old boat in Sweden before transitioning to their new home on Magic Carpet II. Now, as they return to the project, they're diving into planning the final touches of their refit. 

As they return to the bustling world of boat refitting, every detail counts. From fiberglassing coamings to prepping teak handrails for varnish, the journey is a blend of skill, dedication, and occasional improvisation. In this episode of Sailing Magic Carpet's refit project, we are treated to a captivating glimpse into the meticulous process of revamping a sailing vessel.

Aladino, the seasoned refitter, leads the charge by delving into the fiberglassing process of the cockpit coamings. With precision and expertise, he fills voids with Thixo Thickened Adhesive before applying layers of fiberglass with High Performance Epoxy, ensuring the structure's durability and waterproofing. His attention to detail is evident as he meticulously lays down peel ply for a smoother finish, minimizing the need for extensive fairing after the epoxy cures.

Meanwhile, Maya takes on her own mission inside the boat, preparing the handrails for varnish with grace and determination. Despite the time challenges, she remains steadfast in her pursuit of perfection, sanding away to restore the natural teak color. Their collaborative efforts exemplify the teamwork and camaraderie that drive their refit journey forward.

Throughout the episode, Aladino and Maya engage in insightful discussions about the intricacies of their tasks. From the strategic placement of winch bases to the delicate balance of weight distribution, they navigate each challenge with confidence, offering us a glimpse into the thought process behind their decisions. As the day's work culminates, the couple reflects on the challenges and triumphs, expressing gratitude to their patrons and anticipation for the next steps. Their journey serves as an inspiration to enthusiasts worldwide, showcasing the transformative power of passion and perseverance in pursuit of maritime excellence.

In the world of boat building and restoration, every task is a testament to their dedication and hard work. As Aladino and Maya continue their voyage aboard Sailing Magic Carpet II, they invite enthusiasts to join them on their journey of discovery, where every twist and turn brings them one step closer to realizing their maritime dreams.

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Your project is incredible. You are not going racing so the heavier the better
Weight in a boat is comfort so you loose a half knot. Who cares good luck with project
Personally I’m rebuilding a 40 ft east coast lobster boat. Double planked and
Fibreglassed over. Hull is heavy built Deck house full of dry rot. Removed
Deck house and building new. Naming the boat dry rot. Lol
Safe travels and enjoy each day. John

John van halteren

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