The Art of Boatbuilding: Fairing a Wooden Bottom

Last week Andy Miller’s video was a great demonstration of fairing the bottom of a fiberglass boat that needs some love. Today’s video from Bob Emser and the Art of Boatbuilding is another look at how to use TotalFair Epoxy Fairing Compound for filling and fairing, but this time it’s being applied to new wood on Bob’s Haven 12 1/2.  Bob adopts a tip from Louis Sauzedde ‘s TotalBoat Work Skiff build, when Lou similarly used TotalFair instead of bungs to fill fastener holes on the boat’s bottom.  Scraping away as much excess as possible, Bob then sands the compound to be totally fair and can move on to bigger projects.

Today’s video of the week is an interesting follow-up to Boatworks Today bottom fairing job, with both boatwrights getting great results using TotalFair to smooth a wooden boat’s bottom.  We love seeing our products being used on a variety of projects and surfaces, with great results that we can brag about. It’s been fun to see all the backyard boatbuilders who, we think, have been inspired by Louis Sauzedde and his “go for it” approach. Bob Emser is a talented woodworker and boatbuilder who takes a bit more time and works a bit slower, but is on the way to building himself a boat that’s as beautiful and seaworthy as any we’ve seen. Enjoy!

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