Tell Us About Your Bottom Paint

We are on our third year of collecting your feedback on your bottom paint performance for the season with our now annual Bottom Paint Survey.  With over 3200 responses in those three years, we have accumulated a very useful data set to help you, our customers, determine which bottom paint works best in your location.  Our survey feeds an interactive map letting you pinpoint your location to add data about your boat, your berth and your area. Once you complete the short survey questions about your growth, you are asked to place a pin on your boat’s specific location – so be sure to zoom way in and drop that pin right on your mooring or slip.  Your results are added and you are taken directly to the results thus far, showing all 3 years of data on the map. You can select specific years from the drop down at the top left of the page to fine tune your results.  

To round out our surveying, send us a few snaps of your boat and its bottom paint to We love to see everyone’s boats and their happy bottoms (and not so happy) after a season on the water. If you’re a 4-season boater, we still want your data, so give us an update on how your antifouling paint is performing and drop your pin on the map.  We will pair all of this info with our own research being conducted with the Roger Williams University Marine Biology students who have spent the summer collecting data from 3 bottom paint testing rafts located in 3 very different locations – Tiverton on the Sakonnet River (lots of current), Burr Brothers Boats in Marion, MA (marina), and Wickford Harbor, RI (tide and current).

Click on the map below to see the latest results from the 2017 Bottom Paint Survey. Check out what others near your own harbor are saying about which paints are working for them and which are not.

And don’t forget to take the survey yourself once you haul!

Thanks for helping us help you and your boat get more from your paint and from your summer on the water.

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