Take a Look Inside Our TotalBoat Workshop Nights

There is a buzz at shop night every Wednesday in the TotalBoat Workshop. Whether it’s the dogs begging for pizza crust scraps, or the pop of Narragansett beer cans, or maybe it’s the hum of the sanders, heat guns, planers and video cameras – each work bay has at least one running over the course of the evening.

The camaraderie and collaboration is something that keeps Jamestown Distributors employees coming back weekly for more. It’s not work – it’s after work and the shop definitely has lots of room and all the tools needed to conquer any and every project. It’s been a busy winter with multiple exciting projects underway in the shop.

Hillary from TotalBoat Customer Service, has lots of experience varnishing and she has created some very cool mahogany framed artworks, with seaglass embedded in the TableTop Epoxy Resin and with a nice coat of Gleam 2.0 Varnish along the frame.

Lorelei from JD Purchasing, is working with her father, Joe, to restore their family 1957 Century Resorter – now in the midst of its third restoration.  This beauty will require gallons of varnish and a smooth hand to apply it all. Lorelei is learning from and working aside her dad and he is thrilled to have the quality time with his only daughter as he tackles this project with her help.

Chuck, JD’s VP of Operations, is breathing new life into a tired older Dyer Dhow dinghy. The skeg on the Dyer needed some love, so Chuck applied a coat of TotalBoat Penetrating Epoxy Sealer to seal it and make it last longer! He has big plans to circumnavigate Jamestown by rowboat this summer (right, Chuck?), so he better not only make the boat watertight again, but it better look great for all the press he is sure to get. A fancy paint job is about to follow!

Joe from the JD Store, is working on breathing life back into his Hobie Cat hull. He has some pretty serious fiberglass damage to repair, and with a solid coating of TotalFair to smooth out the post-grinding damage, he’s now coating his repair with our 2-Part Epoxy Primer and then some gelcoat in the coming weeks.

Rick, Head TotalBoat Tech, is building a box for the chop saw – to help contain and direct the stream of sawdust that flies out the back, turning the sanding room into a dust chamber.

It’s amazing how a little after work food, beer and boat work can bond a group of workers. It’s fun and we hope you’ll tune in on the LIVE ShopCam for a peek inside to see what we’re up to! We’d love for you to join us!

Here is most of the stalwart crew who is enjoying Shop Night. Missing are Lorelei, Joe & Alex who were working too hard on the Century Resorter to come have their picture taken.

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