Shipwright Talk: Lou Sauzedde Pays a Visit Acorn to Arabella

Shipwrights like Louis Sauzedde have massive amounts of experience that has taken years to amass. It’s a pleasure to see how that knowledge is shared with newer shipwrights who don’t have the benefit of trial and error. Steve and Alix are well-read, self-taught shipwrights with no prior experience, so a visit from Lou during the important planking stage of the Arabella build, was a gift of sorts. Lou was able to show the team a different, less difficult way to get some of the more challenging planks onto the boat, saving them time, energy, and a lot of hassle. Seeing these very green shipwrights meet and ponder the intricacies of boatbuilding with a sage like Louis, was a fast for our eyes and for our ears, too, because of that sweet Rhode Island accent we all know and love. Enjoy a Friday morning dose of Lou with a side of Acorns. Cheers! 

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