Sailing Magic Carpet: Fun with Fairing!

In this week’s featured video, we are back in the boat yard with Maya and Aladino of Sailing Magic Carpet. They are refitting their Cape George 36 to sail her around the world. After overcoming some interior design dilemmas, this sailing couple gets to fiberglassing and fairing the quarter berth with our High Performance Epoxy and TotalFair Fairing Compound!

Maya and Aladino’s first task this week was to come to a solution for their different design ideas for the chart table and quarter berth area. They are using the boat’s original chart table, but Aladino’s fear was that they wouldn’t be able to accommodate a quarter berth long enough to sleep, so he wanted to extend the berth and shorten the table. However, Maya’s priority was to keep the chart table its original size because it is their only galley counter and her spot to do all of her work for their YouTube channel!

Their compromise was to leave the chart table as is and extend the quarter berth by removing the ice box under the chart table, opening it up to create room for their knees. Now that they came to this clever solution, it was time to get back to work. Aladino begins to cut and wet out the fiberglass of the entire area.

Now that the fiberglassing is done, next comes the fun part! FAIRING! They decide to go with our TotalFair Fairing Compound and are happily surprised with how easy the mixing process is. Before mixing, Aladino jokingly warns Maya not to eat this colorful product that resembles cake frosting (her weakness!). He mixes parts A (yellow) and B (blue) together with a plastic spreader until it reaches the perfect consistency and green color and they both agree that “Epoxy has never been so fun!” They apply the fairing compound over the fiberglassed areas of the quarter berth, then sand it all smooth to prepare for primer and paint which you will see in their upcoming episodes.

Their future plans and dreams of sailing the world revolve around this huge fit. Be sure to subscribe to Sailing Magic Carpet to follow along as they get closer to their adventures on the open ocean! And let them know below what you think of their progress so far! Thank you for watching!

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