Huge Refit with Sailing Magic Carpet

After six months away, Aladino and Maya from Sailing Magic Carpet are back in the US to finish refitting their Cape George Cutter 36, Magic Carpet II.  They purchased her in 2020, and for the past two years have traveled back and forth for short months at a time while juggling visa restrictions.  They are now determined to finish the refit on their future blue water home in the next six months to pursue their dreams of sailing around the world. 

Maya and Aladino purchased the boat sight unseen during the pandemic, and when they finally were able to get to the states, they realized she had so much potential but also a lot of hidden weaknesses that they had to overcome.   Magic Carpet II still needs a ton of work, and with their ambitious timeline, the couple knew they needed to work efficiently to achieve their goals. They put together a list of projects and Maya challenges herself to be more involved with the manual labor part of the refit process.  With no boat building experience, she is feeling a little out of her element. But, that doesn’t stop Maya from being more hands on and improving her skills.  Watching her grow and accomplish new things in this episode is admirable. 

While Maya is honing in on her craftsmanship skills, Aladino is working in the galley.  He applies the foam insulation with thickened epoxy.  Once that is cured, he fiberglasses the galley with 1708 Biaxial Cloth and High Performance Epoxy.  Overall, while things may appear to be torn apart and at their worst on Magic Carpet II, they are actually starting to come together and it can only get better from here! 

If you have any words of wisdom for this inspiring couple, please share them below! Their future plans and dreams revolve around this restoration, leading them one step closer to their adventures on the open ocean.  Be sure to subscribe to Sailing Magic Carpet so you can follow along this huge refit!  Thanks for watching!


Great work Maya and Aladino! You guys do such a great job of explaining what you’re doing and why. All of us do it yourselfers really appreciate you’re hard work and how well you showcase it. Keep it coming!


Keep going. It will be worth it. I am looking forward to watching the rest of the adventures at sea.

Thomas Dobson

Hang in there! Your skillset, confidence and efficiency will grow with each task acomplished; even the menial ones. Soon you will be sailing the world.

edward j zajac

Nice job!
I wish you the best of luck☘️
Continue with your dream
All your hard work will be worth it.
Make sure to unplug that heater or any other electrical every day!


You guys work great together!! It’s a big project but you guys are applying what you learned on the old Magic Carpet! Thank you for sharing this journey and helping us with repairing our own boats.

John Walsh

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