Rolling and Tipping Topside Paint with Third Coast Craftsman

It took a little help from some experienced friends and a few calls into the TotalBoat Support Team, but Chris from Third Coast Craftsman has been both frustrated and exhilarated by his drift boat build. He landed himself with the chance for a pretty topside paint job after he was unhappy with the fiberglassing job he did earlier. Chris used the rolling and tipping method on his bare fiberglass using WetEdge Topside Paint, which had no problem adhering to the well-prepared surface with several coats. Learning how to “master” this fussy paint job was another victory for Chris who ended up with a beautiful, pro-looking, two-toned Wet Edge paint job.

This video shares lots of great tips on rolling and tipping topside paint. It’s shared here by someone who explains it clearly because he too was a timid novice who understood how challenging it could be to get a smooth, mirror finish. His slow, thoughtful process helped to ensure success with every important step. Chris took 2-3 hours to prepare each coat before applying the next because he knows that preparation is the single most important part of getting a paint job to look really good. The second trick is figuring out the flow and leveling of your paint, and Chris worked hard to figure out the exact steps amongst so many tricky variables.

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