Restoring Vela: Episode 5 – Cabin Windows, Cockpit & Carbon Fiber

In episode 5, the deck is on with double layers of marine plywood so it’s on to cutting windows in the house sides, a “happy accident” for to the project that was instantly gratifying for the build team. Designer Ezra Smith weighs in on the windows and the cockpit which were built out with an extension to add room for another body and more gentlemanly “legs in” sailing.  Matt Smith, Naval Architect, discusses a major structural component: the carbon fiber main beam, which is integral to the new layout and specifically to the loads that will be put on the mast and rigging.

Borrowing from the Herreshoff NY30s, the shape of the house was drawn but without windows or portlights. A happy accident of patterning the house sides, led the team to realize that NY30 type rectangular windows would really compliment the whole boat’s look.

Naval Architect, Matt Smith, was brought onto the team to design the very important main beam. Putting it inside the cabin house allowed for less bulkheads amidships, opening up the cabin down below and making it seem bigger, when in fact, it had gotten smaller to accommodate a larger cockpit.

Using TotalBoat 2:1 High Performance Epoxy and Thixo Flex Flexible Epoxy Adhesive to bond many of the new surfaces, the boat is coming together quickly and is looking sharp. Check out the progress in Episode 5 where the boat building team takes this classic fiberglass sailboat and turns it into a speedy showpiece. Watch all 4 episodes leading up to Episode 5 on our YouTube channel.

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