Peter Sripol: From Aerospace Engineer to Lobster Boat Refitter

Meet Peter Sripol, the renowned YouTuber who has captivated audiences with his infectious enthusiasm and incredible do-it-yourself projects. With a background in aerospace engineering, Peter brings a unique blend of technical expertise and boundless creativity to his channel. Whether it's building flying machines, experimenting with underwater explorations, or embarking on ambitious boat refits, Peter's content is a testament to his unwavering passion for tinkering and pushing the boundaries of what's possible.  Peter has recently has embarked on an exciting new endeavor, refitting a 31’ BHM Downeast Lobster Boat.  He just arrived here in Bristol, RI to start this journey in today’s video of the week. 

He recently sold his Ranger R21 boat and acquired the lobster boat that was in need of extensive work.  Responding to his followers' requests for more nautical and submarine builds, Peter decided to take on the challenge and refit the boat. This new vessel presented a unique opportunity for Peter to explore a whole new realm of maritime creations.  In the video, we'll explore the initial stages of Peter's boat refit journey as he tears down parts of the boat and begins rebuilding them from scratch.

Peter started by visiting us at TotalBoat HQ in Bristol, RI, where he will keep the boat and work on it over the next few months. He wasted no time and got straight to work, removing the transom and windshields to prepare for a fresh start.  He made templates for new windows and cut them out from Baltek Airex PXc Boards.  Next, Peter skillfully fiberglasses the windshield together using 1708 Biaxial Fiberglass Cloth and High Performance Epoxy, ensuring their durability. He then uses Thixo Thickened Epoxy, a strong adhesive, to securely glue the pieces into place. 

As the refit progresses, Peter encounters water damage on the boat's decks, requiring their removal. To address this, he meticulously removes the damaged decks and paints the boat's interior bottom with TotalBilge Epoxy Paint, offering improved protection against water damage while giving it a fresh look.

These initial steps in the refit journey provide a glimpse into Peter's attention to detail and commitment to creating a FUN(ctional) vessel. As Peter continues his work, his YouTube channel promises to showcase valuable insights, techniques, and thrilling moments throughout the refit process. If you're interested in witnessing the incredible transformation of the Downeast Lobster Boat and upcoming endless possibilities for future nautical adventures, subscribing to Peter's channel is a must.  Be sure to follow our Instagram, @totalboat for real time updates each week as well!  Thanks for watching!


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