Making a Fiberglass Panel with Boatworks Today

Last week Boatworks Today marine repair wizard,  Andy Miller, started a great conversation about which resin system is preferred for fiberglass boat repairs: epoxy resin or polyester resin. His preferred choice is a laminating polyester resin that gives him the option to coat one side of the fiberglass panel with gelcoat.

Andy takes us further into the issue as he lays up a fiberglass panel using our TotalBoat Polyester Laminating Resin.  Andy contends that both ways work and today’s repair has some clever steps to help lighten his workload and make the finishing process easier. Andy’s goal is to create a panel that is smooth and fair and will be perfect for some paint, just like your own gelcoat topsides.  Enjoy Andy’s great tutorial for laminating a fiberglass panel using Polyester Laminating Resin instead of epoxy.

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